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“In this issue, the first parts of Optimus Prime’s right leg structure are assembled.”




Materials: The Structure of the Thigh, Right Leg is metal and the rest of the parts in this issue are plastic.


  • Danger, Shooting: Action to the Max on Set
  • The Death of Optimus: The Hero Who Always Comes Back
  • Sideswipe: Red Hero
  • Autobots Series 3: The Unstoppable Changes of 1986
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions


The Right Leg (1)

Step 10-1

Press (snap) the ball joint of the Cylinder into this matching notch of the Cylinder Bracket, as shown:

Step 10-2

Press the two pins of the Frame Plate (R) into the matching posts inside this recess of the Structure of the Thigh, Right Leg until it sits flush, as shown:

Step 10-3

Press the D-shaped hole of the Right Leg Frame Detail onto the matching pin at this location of the Thigh, as shown:

Step 10-4

Feed the Right Center Wheel Ball Joint through this hole of the Thigh (ball tip first) and over these screw posts, as shown:

Secure this Ball Joint into place with two (2) CM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


This assembly represents the inner support structure of our Optimus Prime’s upper right leg. We will be working on this leg for a while.

Next Up

 Issue 11 – Right Inner Thigh Plate, Right Hip/Leg Joint, Joint Support, Thigh Joint

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