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“This issue assembles the interior features of Optimus Prime’s right foot.”




Materials: The Angle Wheel Connecting Rod and Crank are metal, and the other parts are plastic.


  • The Army Goes Into Battle: Real Soldiers and Pretend Soldiers
  • Optimus: In Defense of the Planet
  • Soundwave: Autobots Inferior, Soundwave Superior
  • The Second Season: Sometimes, The Sequel Can Be Better
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions


Inner Wheel of the Right Foot

Step 08-1

Fit the thicker eyelet of the Ankle Wheel Crank to this end of the Ankle Wheel Connecting Rod and align the screw holes:

Note only is one end of this Wheel Crank thicker than the other, it also has an angle to it when viewed from the side. The thinner end should angle away from the Connecting Rod, as shown:

Secure the Wheel Crank to the Connecting Rod with one (1) DM screw.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal. This screw does not need to fully tightened – just snug is fine:

Step 08-2

Fit the free end of the Ankle Wheel Crank over this post of the Ankle Wheel Gear orienting it as shown, and secure these parts together with one (1) OP screw.

This screw also does not need to fully tightened – just snug is fine:

Fit the keyed center hole of the Wheel Gear over this matching keyed post of the Inner Ankle Wheel:

Secure the Gear to the Inner Ankle Wheel with one (1) silver IP screw:

Step 08-3

Retrieve your Right Foot assembly from the previous issue. With the Ankle Wheel Gear facing inwards, fit the two large posts of the Inner Ankle Wheel onto the matching posts at this location on the left side of the Right Foot, as shown.

These are the two mounting posts on the Right Foot that this Inner Ankle Wheel fits to:

Fit the hole in the free end of the Ankle Wheel Connecting Rod over this matching post of the Right Foot.

Remember, the large Upper Bridge Guard Plate is on a ball joint and can be moved out of the way for better access to this location:

Secure the Inner Ankle Wheel and the Connecting Rod to the Right Foot with three (3) silver IP screws.

Two of the screws hold the Ankle Wheel

… and one more holds the Connecting Rod:

Step 08-4

Press the D-shaped hole of the Front Wheel Lever (shorter of the two Wheel Levers) onto the matching front pin of the Outer Ankle Wheel, and the D-shaped hole of the longer Rear Wheel Lever onto the matching rear pin.

Note this raised detail (circled below) is at the rear of the Outer Ankle Wheel:

If you find the fitment of these Wheel Levers loose, use a small drop of super glue to secure them into place:

Step 08-5

Firmly press the three pins of this Outer Ankle Wheel assembly into the matching posts of the Inner Ankle Wheel, as shown:


We are still adding details to our Right Foot and it just keeps getting better and better! In the next issue, we will attach the Wheel we built to this foot, so keep this assembly nearby.

Next Up

 Issue 09 – Right Foot Wheel Support/Pin/Hinge/Joint, Rear Stabilizer/Joint, Outer Gears

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