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“This issue begins the assembly of one of Optimus Prime’s tires, specifically the lower right leg wheel.”




Materials: All of the parts in this issue are plastic.


  • Sixty Thousand Pieces: The Creation of the Transformers
  • The Primes Dynasty: Leaders of the Transformers
  • Skywarp: A Seeker with Teleporting Capabilities
  • “Welcome” Marvel (UK): The Growth of the Transformers Universe
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions


Right Leg Wheel (2)

Step 06-1

Retrieve your Right Foot Tire and Inner Rim from the previous issue. Fit the rounded tabs of the Inner Rim to the matching short posts of Right Foot Middle Rim.

I decided not to follow the instructions here. As this is a split rim design, there is really no reason we can’t just assemble the Rim inside the Tire instead of building the Rim and then pushing it through the Tire. I simply fit the Right Foot Middle Rim into the Tire, as shown:

Then, I just turned the Tire over and fit the Inner Rim into it, aligning the rounded tabs to the matching screw holes:

Secure the Inner Rim to the Middle Rim with four (4) silver IP screws:

Press this Rim assembly through the center of the Right Foot Tire until it is seated flush on both sides.

As I built my Rim into the Tire directly, this step was not needed.

Step 06-2

Welcome to my first Mod Zone! I use these sections to highlight any modifications I make to my build and explain what and how I did them. In this one, I was looking at the Right Foot Hubcap and thought the oval recesses would likely have been actual holes through the rim. To simulate this in a quick and easy way, I used a Ultra Fine Point Black Sharpie to ‘paint’ them in. Up close, it is pretty obvious – but at any decent distance, they look great!

Press the four posts of the Right Foot Hubcap into the matching holes on outside of the Right Foot Middle Rim, as shown.

This is a pressure fit and does not require any screws:

Step 06-3

Snap the holes of the Right Foot Fender onto these matching taller posts on the inside of the Right Foot Middle Rim, as shown.

This took more force than I expected. Just take your time and wiggle it onto the posts until it is flush with them:

Secure the Right Foot Fender into place with two (2) MP screws, as shown:

With that, this issue is complete! However, I did want to take a moment to share the fantastic paint work on this Fender:


The more I build of this Optimus Prime partwork from Fanhome, the more I am getting into it! The details and paintwork are superb, the fitment is excellent, the screws go in without drama, and everything just feels right. I am looking forward to the rest of this one for sure!

Keep all of these various assemblies stored safely until we need them again later on in the build.

Next Up

 Issue 07 – Right Foot Sole Structure/Auger, Instep Gear, Outer Disc, Right Foot Side Turbine, Internal Stabilizer/Joint

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