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“In this issue, you will fit the instep and toes of Optimus Prime’s right foot.”




Materials: The Bridge Inner Structure, both Toes, and the Outer Bridge Frame (R) are metal – the other parts are plastic.


  • Building the Story: The Creation of the Transformers Screenplay
  • Defender of the Matrix: A Necessary Renaissance
  • Shockwave: The Power of Logic
  • The Autobots Strike Back: The Legendary 1985 Series
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions


Front of the Right Foot

Step 04-1

Fit the large hole of the Upper Bridge Guard Bracket (4A) onto the long post of the Outer Bridge Frame (R) (4K), orienting it and aligning the screw hole in the second post as shown:

Secure the Bracket to the Frame with one (1) BM screw.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 04-2

On the other side of the Outer Bridge Frame (R), fit the Right Toe (4J) over this post as shown.

NOTE: The Toe parts are incorrectly labelled in the parts list. These are how they should have been described:

Using the correct Right Toe, this fits together as expected:

Fit a Washer onto the threads of one (1) CM screw…

… and secure the Right Toe into place, as shown:

Step 04-3

Press a Toe Cup (4N) into the opening of the Right Toe, as shown.

There is a groove in the Toe Cup that matches a tab inside the Right Toe, so this will only sit flush when correctly aligned:

Step 04-4

In much the same way as before, fit the Left Toe (4I) over this post of the Bridge Inner Structure (R) (4H), as shown:

Fit another Washer onto the threads of one (1) more CM screw and secure the Left Toe into place, as shown:

Step 04-5

Press the second Toe Cup (4N) into the opening of the Left Toe, in the same way as before:

Step 04-6

Retrieve your Right Foot assembly from the previous issue. Fit a Bridge Washer (4O – with the radial pattern facing out) into this matching recess  of the Foot Casing, as shown:

You may find the following steps a bit easier if you use tiny drops of super glue to hold these Bridge Washers in place. Just make sure the radial pattern is facing up and no glue seeps up around the edge – this is a movement area:

On the opposite side of the Foot Casing, fit the second Bridge Washer into place in the same way.

I glued both of my Bridge Washers in place:

Fit the upper post of the Bridge Inner Structure (R) assembly (with the Left Toe) through the Foot Casing, and into the Outer Bridge Frame (R) assembly (with the Right Toe), as shown. The Bridge Washers will be captured in between:

There are four pins on the Left Toe side that need to be pressed into the matching posts of the Right Toe side until the parts are flush together:

With the pins seated completely, this front toe assembly will stay attached to the Foot Casing on its own:

Step 04-7

Secure the two Bridge assemblies to each other from the inner side with one (1) BM screw, as shown.

This screw further keeps the toe assembly from coming apart:

Step 04-8

Fit the keyed post of the Right Stabilizer Bracket (4D) through this matching hole of the Foot Casing, as shown:

Fit a Washer onto the threads of one (1) LP screw…

… and secure the Stabilizer Bracket into place, as shown:

Step 04-9

Press a Cap (4M) over the head of the previous screw until flush, as shown.

The second Cap is a spare and can be used/saved as required. However, look closely at them – the smooth side of the Cap should end up facing out:

Step 04-10

Press the D-shaped hole of the Right Stabilizer (4E) onto the matching pin of the Right Stabilizer Bracket, as shown:

Step 04-11

Fit the split post of the Upper Bridge Guard Plate (4C) onto this matching ball of the Foot Casing, as shown.

This Guard Plate can be pivoted around as needed depending on the position of the foot:

Step 04-12

Slide the Upper Bridge Guard (4B) down onto this large keyed post of the Upper Bridge Guard Bracket (4A), as shown:

Secure the Upper Bridge Guard into place with one (1) black IP screw:

Step 04-13

Press the hole of the Small Grille (4L) into this pin of the Upper Bridge Guard, as shown:

Finally, press the two pins of the Bridge Cover (4F) into the matching holes on top of the Upper Bridge Guard, as shown:


Well, now our right foot has some Toes! I am really enjoying the level of detail on these parts. I have not had to paint or add detail to anything, it just looks great as it is. And the weight… I am going to have to weigh this foot once we complete it!

Next Up

 Issue 05 – Right Foot Tire, Inner Rim, Rear Stabilizer/Joint, Upper End of Bridge

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