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“In this issue you will assemble the pieces that form the right half of Optimus Prime’s chest.”




Materials: The Right Hood and Cab Right Upper Deck are metal. The rest of these parts are plastic.


  • A Day at School: The Origins of the First Movie
  • Once Upon a Time, Cybertron: Planet of the Transformers
  • Megatron: The Dark Lord of the Decepticons
  • The Baddies Arrive: The First Decepticons Launch
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions


Right Half of the Chest

Before we start this issue, I wanted to point out this cool metallic logo sticker that is pre-installed on our Central Torso Structure:

Step 02-1

Fit the Right Inner Hood Plate onto the matching posts of the Right Hood, as shown:

Secure this Hood Plate into place with two (2) AM screws.

This is the first of many friendly reminders to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 02-2

Clip the Right Inner Hood Plate onto these pins of the Central Torso Structure, as shown.

Make sure these are aligned correctly, then gently provide firm force until the Plate snaps onto the Torso Structure:

This connection acts as a pivot point to allow the Right Hood to be positioned as desired:

Step 02-3

Fit the Cab Right Top Windshield into this matching opening of the Cab Right Upper Deck, as shown:

There are two holes in the Windshield that should be pressed onto matching pins of the Upper Deck. Take extra care when doing this to prevent any cracks from forming in the Windshield:

Then, align the two tabs of the Windshield to the matching posts of the Upper Deck and secure them into place with two (2) AM screws.

Do not over-tighten these screws as we can damage the plastic of the Windshield:

Step 02-4

Press the pins of three Cab Upper Headlamp Lenses into three Cab Upper Lights, as shown.

These Lenses should snap into place, but if you find these (and the remaining parts in this issue) loose, you can use a tiny drop of super glue to secure them. An extra Lens is provided as a spare in case we lose or damage one:

Step 02-5

Press the posts of the three Cab Upper Light assemblies into the matching openings on top of the Cab Right Upper Deck, as shown.

These should snap into place with a gentle pressure alone:

Step 02-6

Align the holes of the Outer Visor Bracket to the matching holes of the Outer Visor, then secure these parts together with two (2) EP screws.

To make this a bit easier, I recommend getting the two screws started in the holes of the Outer Visor, as shown:

Then, place the Outer Visor flat on your work surface, align the parts together as shown, and drive the screws in the rest of the way:

When correctly attached, the Outer Visor assembly should look like this:

Step 02-7

Press the two pins of the Outer Visor Bracket into the matching holes at this location on the Cab Right Upper Deck.

Make sure this is oriented correctly, as shown:

Step 02-8

Press the D-shaped pin of the Cab Wiper into the matching hole at this location on the Cab Right Upper Deck:

Our completed Cab Right Upper Deck assembly should look like this:


I am very impressed so far with the paint work, especially the multicolor flames on the body panels! Based on the design of the Cab Upper Lights, I believe we will be adding LED lighting to them later in the build. It does appear that this Central Torso Structure is going to be the main base onto which we install many more parts and assemblies.

The only tricky part in this issue was getting the two Outer Visor parts to stay aligned so the screws could be installed. Keep these two assemblies stored safely until the next shipment arrives.

Next Up

 Issue 03 – Foot Casing (R), Right Ankle, Heel, Heel Joint, Joint End, Pivot Mechanism Stop

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