ISSUES 01-10

This is just a page to group the stages by ten each. Please use the menus above or the direct links below:

  • Issue 01 – Head
  • Issue 02 – Right Half of the Chest
  • Issue 03 – Foot Casing (R), Right Ankle, Heel, Heel Joint, Joint End, Pivot Mechanism Stop
  • Issue 04 – Bridge Inner Structure (R), Upper Bridge Guard, Right Stabilizer, Bridge Cover, Outer Bridge Frame, Grille, Caps, Toes/Cups
  • Issue 05 – Right Foot Tire, Inner Rim, Rear Stabilizer/Joint, Upper End of Bridge
  • Issue 06 – Right Foot Fender, Right Foot Middle Rim/Hubcap
  • Issue 07 – Right Foot Sole Structure/Auger, Instep Gear, Outer Disc, Right Foot Side Turbine, Internal Stabilizer/Joint
  • Issue 08 – Inner/Outer Ankle Wheel, Ankle Wheel Gear/Connecting Rod/Crank, Front/Rear Wheel Levers
  • Issue 09 – Right Foot Wheel Support/Pin/Hinge/Joint, Rear Stabilizer/Joint, Outer Gears
  • Issue 10 – Right Thigh Structure/Frame Plate/Detail, Cylinder/Bracket, Right Center Wheel Ball Joint