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“In this issue, a plate and the right torso cover are fitted.”




Materials: All of the parts in this issue are plastic.


  • United Under NEST: Autobots and Humans Fight Together
  • Transformers Animated: A Perfect Fusion
  • Chromia: Female Action
  • Decepticons Series 6: The Miniature Masters of Evil
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions


Torso (8)

Step 34-1

Retrieve your Torso assembly from the previous issue. Fit the pins and posts of the Right Torso to the right side of the Torso, as shown:

Secure this Right Torso into place with one (1) IP screw:

Step 34-2

Fit the keyed post of the Cover Detail into this matching slot of the Right Torso Cover, as shown:

Secure this Detail into place from the inside with one (1) IP screw:

Next, press the pin of Right Torso Rear Pin into the matching smaller recess of the Right Torso Cover, as shown:

Then, press the pin of Right Torso Front Pin into the matching larger recess of the Right Torso Cover, as shown:

Step 34-3

Press the split pin of the Right Torso Rear Pin (34E) through this hole of the nearby Shock Absorber, as shown:

When installing these Shock Absorbers, note that one side of this end has a larger hole – this side should face away from the Pin, as shown:

Then, fit the Right Torso Cover onto the matching pins at this right side location of the Torso assembly, as shown:

Secure this Torso Cover into place with one (1) IP screw:

Step 34-4

Press the ball joint on the narrower end of the Lower Right Front Torso Plate Joint into this matching ‘bowl’ on the front right side of the Torso, as shown:

It is not easy to see which end to insert here, so look closely at picture to determine which way it should be installed:

Step 34-5

Retrieve another Shock Absorber assembly from Issue 26. Fit the ends of this Shock Absorber onto these matching pins at the lower front Torso, orienting it as shown:

Step 34-6

Press the pins of the Back Detail of Right Torso into the matching holes at this location on the back face of the Torso, as shown:


We will be repeating these steps with matching details for the left side of the Torso when the next shipment of parts arrives. Until then, keep this assembly stored somewhere safe.

Next Up

 Issue 35 – Right Pelvis Plate, Rear Plate Details, Right Headlight/Bracket, Front Right Torso-Pelvis Connector (Coming Soon)

2 thoughts on “ISSUE 34”

  1. Todd,

    I wanted to let you know that there aren’t any links to next steps from Step 31 to 34 on your Optimus Prime build. So as it is at the moment, you have to return to your main screen to access the next step.
    I am continuing to be impressed with your excellent content. Keep it up.

    Don Cartwright

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