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“In this issue, you will fix a back plate to the pelvis and add a detail to the front.”




Materials: All of the parts in this issue are plastic.


  • John Keller: U.S. Secretary of Defense
  • The Power of the Prime: The Relic that Contains the Strength of Primus
  • Ravage: The Black Panther
  • Decepticons Victory: The Evolution of an Anti-Hero
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions


Torso (7)

Step 33-1

Press the large post of the Left Hinge Bar into the matching large hole of a Pelvis Back Plate Hinge, as shown.

The two Hinge Bars are not the same – note the position of the two pins to determine which is which. Knowing this, we can fit the Left Hinge Bar to the Plate Hinge:

Next, press the ball joint of the Plate Hinge into this hole of the Pelvis Back Plate, orienting it as shown.

The image in the instructions can be confusing as this Plate Hinge needs to be fitted to this hole when looking at the inside of the Back Plate:

Then, press the large post of the Right Hinge Bar into the matching large hole of the other Pelvis Back Plate Hinge, as shown:

And as before, press the ball joint of this Plate Hinge into the opposite hole of the Back Plate, orienting it as shown:

Step 33-2

Retrieve your Torso assembly from the previous issue. Snap the two lower clips of the Pelvis Back Plate onto the matching posts of the Support for the Pelvic Back Plate (27B), orienting it as shown:

Move the two Hinge Bars into position so their pins can be inserted into these matching holes of the Torso, as shown.

I found it easier to temporarily disconnect the Back Plate from the Hinge Bars to better press these pins into place:

Then, I reattached the Back Plate to the Hinge Pins and clipped it to the Support. Once installed, be careful handling the Torso assembly as the position of this Back Plate is adjustable and its connections are therefore delicate:

Step 33-3

Press the pins of the Piston Mount into the matching holes of Lower Front Torso Detail, orienting it as shown:

Press the pin of Piston into the hole of the Piston Mount, as shown:

Press the pins of the Lower Front Torso Detail into the matching holes at this location on the lower front Torso assembly, as shown:


We will be handling this Torso assembly quite a bit over the next few issues, so take care not to damage the Back Plate components!

Next Up

 Issue 34 – Right Torso, Right Torso Cover, Back Detail, Plate Joint, Torso Pins, Cover Detail

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