ISSUES 31-40

This is just a page to group the stages by ten each. Please use the menus above or the direct links below:

  • Issue 31 – Front of Torso, Torso Details, Lower Torso Supports
  • Issue 32 – Lower Torso Supports, Lumbar Plates, Pelvis Details, Torso Details
  • Issue 33 – Pelvis Back Plate/Hinges, Piston, Piston Mount, Lower Front Torso Detail, Hinge Bars
  • Issue 34 – Right Torso, Right Torso Cover, Back Detail, Plate Joint, Torso Pins, Cover Detail
  • Issue 35 – Right Pelvis Plate, Rear Plate Details, Right Headlight/Bracket, Front Right Torso-Pelvis Connector
  • Issue 36 – Left Side of the Torso, Left Torso Cover, Rear Torso Plate, Left Lower Torso Plate Joint, Cover Pins/Detail
  • Issue 37 – Left Pelvis Plate, Left Rear Plate Details, Left Headlight/Bracket, Front Left Torso-Pelvis Connector
  • Issue 38 – Abdomen Plate, Lower Back Plate, Front Torso Center Plate, Front Torso Pistons
  • Issue 39 – Front/Rear Upper Torso Panels, Front Panel Supports, Rear Plate Decals
  • Issue 40 – Lower Front Plates, Printed Circuit Board (PCB), PCB Cable