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“In this issue, you will continue with the assembly of the pelvis, fitting the first pieces of the left side.”




Materials: The Left Side of Pelvis is metal and the Detail is plastic.


  • Ron Witwicky: Sam’s Father
  • The First Love: A Romance Lost in Time
  • Kickback: Something Bothering You, Little Grasshopper?
  • Decepticons Series 5 (2): Headmasters Jr., Overlord, and the Seacons
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions


The Pelvis (3)

Step 25-1

Fit the D-shaped post of the Pelvis Detail A into the matching hole at this location on the Left Side of Pelvis:

Step 25-2

Secure this Detail A into place from the other side with one (1) IP screw:


Wow, this issue went by extremely fast with only one part to attach. This assembly can be safely stored until we need it again in Issue 28.

Next Up

 Issue 26 – Pelvis Details, Pelvis Suspension Cylinders

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