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“In this issue, more details are added to the right side of the pelvis.”




Materials: All of the parts in this issue are plastic.


  • Voices and Faces: Casting the First Film
  • Optimus Prime Attacks! His Close Range Weapons
  • Tracks: How to Move with Class
  • Autobots Series 5 (2): The Greatest Optimus
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions


The Pelvis (2)

Step 24-1

Press the ball end of the Left Ball Joint into this matching socket of Left Rear Plate.

The two Ball Joints parts are not the same, nor are they marked. This picture should help determine which side is which:

The same goes for the Rear Plates, these are the left and right parts side by side:

With this information, we can pop the Left Ball Joint into Left Rear Plate as instructed:

In the same way, press the ball end of the Right Ball Joint into this matching socket of Right Rear Plate, as shown:

Step 24-2

Retrieve your Right Pelvis assembly from the previous issue. Press the two holes of the Front Pelvis Detail onto these two matching pins inside the Right Pelvis.

These holes and pins are different sizes, so this will only fit correctly one way as shown:

Step 24-3

Press the three pins of the Semicircular Pelvis Detail into the three matching holes of the Circular Pelvis Detail, as shown:

Then, press the three posts of the Circular Pelvis Detail into the three matching holes at this location on the Right Pelvis assembly, orienting it as shown:


We have been doing a lot of press-fitting of parts in these issues, but our Right Pelvis assembly is looking very good! These assemblies can be stored until at least Issue 29.

Next Up

 Issue 25 – Left Side of Pelvis, Pelvis Detail

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