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“In this issue the last details of the right leg are fitted.”




Materials: These parts are all plastic.


  • The U.S. Army: In the Transformers Cinematic Universe
  • Optimus’ Father: Alpha Trion, Mentor and Guardian
  • Ultra Magnus: Successor to Optimus Prime
  • Autobots Series 5: Three’s Company
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions


The Right Leg (13)

Step 22-1

Retrieve your Right Leg assembly from Issue 20. Press the two pins of Tibia Outer Side Detail into the matching posts at this location on the front of the upper calf, as shown:

Step 22-2

Fit the eyelet of the ‘ball joint’ Hinge (22F) between the tabs of the ‘Y’ shaped Hinge (22E).

This is how the three parts of the Hinge will be fitted together:

Next, press a Pin through the holes of these parts to secure them together, as shown.

These Pins should be inserted smooth end first – the knurled end is what locks the pin in place once inserted. I used a set of duck bill pliers to help press these Pins fully:

Then, fit the eyelet of this ‘Y’ shaped Hinge between the tabs of the U’ shaped Hinge (22D), align the holes, and then press the second Pin through the holes of these parts to secure them together, as shown:

Step 22-3

Press the ‘ball joint’ end of this Hinge assembly into this matching socket of the Tibia Plate, orienting it as shown:

Retrieve your Outer Calf assembly from the previous issue. Fit the hole at the free end of the Hinge over this matching post, as shown:

Secure the Hinge to the Outer Calf with one (1) MP screw:

Step 22-4

Rotate the Side Shield Plate up and out of the way, as shown:

Then, press the five pins of the Outer Calf assembly into these matching holes on the inside of the lower calf of the Right Leg, as shown.

As with the inner calf, there are two pins that fit into the leg core structure…

… and three pins that press into tabs of the rear Calf Plate:

Step 22-5

Finally, press the two pins of the Lower Leg Outer Side Plate into the matching posts of the Outer Side of the Calf, orienting it as shown.

These are the posts the Side Plate fits into:

Finally, lower the Side Shield Plate back down into place:

Here is what our final Right Leg assembly look like:


And, that’s it – our Right Leg assembly is now complete! It took a while to get to this point, but I feel it looks stunning! Be sure to store this Leg safely as we will not need it again for a while.

Next Up

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