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“In this issue, we continue with the positioning of some of the plates of the right leg.”




Materials: These parts are all plastic.


  • Steven Spielberg: Guaranteed Cinematic Success
  • The Animal Side of Optimus: The Primal Power
  • Wheelie: Small Size, Quick Tongue
  • Decepticons Series 4: Headmasters
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions


The Right Leg (11)

Step 20-1

Retrieve your Right Leg assembly from the previous issue. Fit the rounded tabs of the Inner Tibia Detail over this lower tab of the Knee/Ankle Frame (13B), aligning the holes as shown:

Secure this Detail in place with one (1) RP screw from this side, as shown.

Install this screw slowly to make sure it passes straight through all three tabs:

Step 20-2

Fit the tabs of the Knee Plate to these matching rounded tabs of the Knee/Ankle Frame, orienting the part as shown:

Secure this Plate into place with two (2) SP screws – one from each side, as shown:

Step 20-3

Press the five posts of the Lower Leg Inner Plate into the matching holes along the inside of the Right Leg calf section, as shown.

Two of these posts fit into holes of the leg core assembly and three of the posts (shown below) need to be pressed into rounded tabs of the Calf Plate:


It still amazes me how impressive this leg is looking with all the various details, shapes, and colors. Every time I receive a part with the ‘flames’ paintwork, it reminds me of why I love building this Optimus Prime model!

Next Up

 Issue 21 – Outer Side of the Calf, Lower Rear Calf Detail, Front Calf Detail, Upper Rear Calf Plate Detail

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