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“In this delivery, the first of the outer plates for the right leg is put in place.”




Materials: The Lower Leg End Caps and Ankle Structures are metal and the Washers are rubber and silicone.


  • Maggie Madsen: Not All Heroines Wear Capes
  • Inseparable Companions: Optimus Prime and Bumblebee
  • Astrotrain: Transport Services on Demand
  • Autobots Series 4: Headmasters
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions


The Right Leg (10)

Step 19-1

Retrieve your Right Foot assembly from Issue 09. Tilt the ‘toes’ forward as needed and pop off the Upper Bridge Guard Plate (4C), as shown:

Press the tab of the Bridge Hinge Stop down into this matching slot of the Upper Bridge Guard (4B), as shown.

The Stop has these angled tabs along the inside:

These tab match the shape of and slide over this section of the Foot:

Press the stop down into place as shown, then reinstall the Upper Bridge Guard Plate to complete this step:

Step 19-2

Gently remove the Right Foot Auger (7B/7D) assembly by pulling its three pins free from the Right Foot:

Retrieve your Right Leg assembly from the previous issue. Slide the lower base post of the Leg into the top of the Right Foot.

Make sure the Leg is properly oriented to the Foot, as shown:

Slide the Ankle Pin through this hole of the Foot, through the slot in the Leg post, and into the opposite side hole of the Foot.

One end of the Pin is smooth and one end is knurled. Insert the smooth end first:

This Pin should be fully seated until flush on both sides:

Press the three pins of the Right Foot Auger assembly back into the Right Foot, as shown:

Step 19-3

Press the post of the Calf Support Rivet onto the matching pin at this location of the Right Calf Support, as shown:

With the Calf Supports (19B and 19C) positioned as shown, press the two Snap Rivets through these holes at the wider ends:

The split-pin ends of these Rivets should be poking out the other side, as shown:

Next, fasten the Calf Supports to the rear of the Right Leg by pushing the two Snap Rivets into these matching holes, as shown:

Then, secure the lower ends of the Calf Supports to the Right Leg with two (2) BM screws, as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 19-4

Press the hex pin of the Calf Plate into the matching post at the rear of the Lower Leg End Cap A, orienting it as shown.

This is the post the Plate should attach to:


With our Right Leg now attached to our Right Foot, this entire assembly has grown quite large. However, it does now stand up on its own!

Next Up

 Issue 20 – Lower Leg Inner Plate, Knee Plate, Inner Tibia Detail

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