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“In this issue, we complete the internal structure of Optimus Prime’s right thigh, which will allow us to continue the assembly of the leg…”




Materials: All of these parts are metal, other than the plastic Joint Support.


  • Archibald Witwicky: An Actor for a Hero from Another Time
  • Optimus and Ultra Magnus: Brother or Ally?
  • Starscream: My Time Will Come
  • Decepticons Series 3: The Villains are More Combinable Than Ever
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions


The Right Leg (2)

Step 11-1

Retrieve your Cylinder assembly from the previous issue. Fit the Cylinder Bracket to the Right Hip/Leg Joint, aligning the locating tab on the end of the Cylinder Bracket to the matching notch of the Joint, as shown:

Secure the Bracket to the Joint from the inside with one (1) PP screw:

Step 11-2

Fit the large D-shaped post of the Thigh Joint into this matching recess of the Right Hip/Leg Joint, as shown:

Secure these Joints together with one (1) FM screw.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 11-3

Retrieve your Thigh Structure from the previous issue. Fit the pin of the Right Hip/Leg Joint into this matching recess of the Thigh, as shown:

Cover this pin with the Joint Support, aligning it to the posts underneath as shown. Then, secure it into place with two (2) BM screws:

You should just be able to rotate Hip/Leg Joint assembly around the pin in the Joint Support. There should be a high level of resistance as this is a main leg joint. Tighten the Support screws as needed:

Step 11-4

Fit the Right Lower Thigh Plate to the Thigh Structure, aligning it to the matching posts as shown:

Secure the Thigh Plate to the Structure with five (5) BM screws.

It is recommended to loosely install all five screws, then gradually tighten them one at a time:


We have now completed the metal core of the right thigh structure that will help support our Optimus Prime!

Next Up

 Issue 12 – Upper/Lower Inner Plates, Upper Inner Plate Detail, Lower Inner Plate Cover

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