ISSUES 11-20

This is just a page to group the stages by ten each. Please use the menus above or the direct links below:

  • Issue 11 – Right Inner Thigh Plate, Right Hip/Leg Joint, Joint Support, Thigh Joint
  • Issue 12 – Upper/Lower Inner Plates, Upper Inner Plate Detail, Lower Inner Plate Cover
  • Issue 13 – Knee Frames, Knee Joint/Hinge Parts, Shield Plates, Rear Plate Joint, Right Knee Shaft, Washers, Pins
  • Issue 14 – Rear Leg Cylinder/Plate/Connector, Knee Rings/Joint End/Blade, Support Plates, Pin, Washers, End Caps
  • Issue 15 – Tire, Wheel Cover, Outer Rim, Inner Rim, Hubcap
  • Issue 16 – Thigh Plates, Upper Leg Ball Joint/Wheel Arm, Thigh Wheel Frame, Front Plate End Cap, Front Detail
  • Issue 17 – Tire, Wheel Cover, Outer Rim, Inner Rim, Hubcap
  • Issue 18 – Lower Leg End Caps, Ankle Structures, Washers
  • Issue 19 – Calf Plate, Left/Right Calf Supports, Calf Support Rivet, Snap Rivets, Ankle Pin, Bridge Hinge Stop
  • Issue 20 – Lower Leg Inner Plate, Knee Plate, Inner Tibia Detail